Signature Praise

What My Clients Say


“Andrea is a savvy marketer that seamlessly blends creative ingenuity with sound marketing strategy. In the 20+ years we’ve worked together, I’ve seen her take ideas from words on paper to successful promotions that resonate with consumers, and build strong brands. Coupled with her insightful writing and commitment to community, she is an asset to any organization.”
Katrina McGhee
Author, Speaker and CEO of Loving On Me


“Andrea Anderson does not only bring her 20 years of experience working in the corporate, nonprofit and agency environments to her marketing and communications company – A Signature Group. She brings her personal professional commitment and know how, her passion for detail, her creative flair that always reaches for perfection, and her delightful personality. Andrea Anderson’s productive energies are contagious, and I so look forward to working with her again and again.”
Visual Artist~Author~Educator~Speaker


“Andrea is exceptionally talented. Her ability to listen to what a client says he/she wants and translate that into a well-defined marketing plan is unparalleled. Andrea connects the dots that others miss, asking the right questions about a program, product, or service to understand the nuances of what sets that apart from the competition, which is critical in marketing. She volunteered her expertise through Jericho Road Dallas to develop a marketing plan for a local nonprofit, and I appreciated how she took into account the organization’s available resources and constraints to deliver a plan they could feasibly implement to see real change. She delivers on time and on budget, raising the bar with her professionalism and creativity.”
Jennifer Knoeber
Executive Director, Jericho Road Dallas


“Andrea’s character and work ethic are very genuine. She does and executes what she says she will do in a very timely fashion. Her enthusiasm and passion shows up in her work as I have experienced with past business needs. Andrea has positive energy and drive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing thorough and accurate experience for their business needs.”
Jeff Bahrenburg
Owner, Bahrenburg Signature Services Group


“I was asked to recruit experts for our marketing communications track team for the 2013 Habitat for Humanity Global Conference, the first person that came to mind was Andrea Anderson. I worked with Andrea during the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon event in Dallas this year and I was overwhelmingly impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of marketing and media relations. She is truly an expert in our field and I would recommend her for any marketing, PR or communications team that requires a person that is dedicated, thorough and highly-knowledgeable.”
Tammy Ferguson,
Senior Marketing Communications Strategist


“I was hired to work on the Habitat for Humanity Family Services account by Andrea Anderson in 2010. Over the last two years we’ve worked closely on launching a volume division of Family Services. It was a great experience to work with Andrea on this launch. Her leadership skills along with her knowledge of brand development and PR were instrumental in leading the agency to produce high caliber pieces. The products we developed as a team were recognized on a national level and exceeded sales goals. Her work ethic, excellent communication skills and overall professional are of a top-level management caliber and hard to match even in today’s competitive marketing world.”
Ana Blanton Ribble,
Partner at Anderson Hanson and Blanton

“Strategic, creative, and resourceful are only but a few words to describe Andrea Anderson and the work she performs.  I don’t use the word perform lightly, because it implies results, which is what you get when you work with Andrea.

Each year our senior-level leadership development program, the Executive Potential Program (EPP), which is a year-long program that provides leadership and development training for senior-level federal employees embarks upon a “Best Practices” leadership component tied to benchmarking.  Each year, EPP selects a different city to engage in its Best Practices learning component.  This past year we embarked upon Dallas, TX as our learning site for our Best Practices component.  Prior to this, we engaged Andrea Anderson for her expertise in not only Dallas, but in understanding the creative and innovative applications of best practices that were critical in making our learning experience for our participants a success.  Andrea was resourceful in breaking down the different industries in Dallas for us.  She provided thoughtful insight, leads, and contacts to ensure a best match, and that we approach the most appropriate companies in Dallas to participate in this learning experience.  Andrea helped us to strategically navigate our approach in meeting the learning needs of our participants and their corresponding agencies, which resulted in a successful learning experience for us in Dallas.  Andrea not only assisted us before we embarked upon Dallas, she also welcomed us in Dallas.

Andrea may be a marketing expert, but we view her as a strategic partner who understands our business with caring compassion.  She bring a positive attitude and energy to her projects and engages her customers in a collaborative manner.  I look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with her.”

Kimberly Robinson, Vice President
Leadership and International Programs
Graduate School USA

“It is a joy to work with Andrea. She is thoughtful, energetic, a “yes and” person, smart, hardworking and honest and she knows how to get the best work out of people. She has a good eye for what they’ll be good at, what is their best use. She’s also patient, so she knows that the outcome is only as great as the input. She is a great leader, she understands that when she is leading the team, she is still part of the team. I really enjoy working with her, and I hope to do so for years to come.”
Jennifer Pascal,
COO of Allyn Media