Signature Services

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a branding expert.

  • Do you have an awareness problem?
  • Are you missing opportunities because people don’t know you exist?
  • Want to share your signature story, but can’t find the words to say?
  • Not sure how to make what you do stand out or how to make your products fly off the shelves?
  • Do your employees know and understand your brand?
  • Need to get clear on your messaging to communicate more effectively?


Here’s How I Can Help:

Defining Your Signature Brand – Become a signature brand by creating and telling your own story. Includes getting to know you, defining the brand, visual branding, creating a brand promise and/or tagline, personality and voice, brand positioning, strategic marketing/communications plan and key messages.

Signature Brand Revitalization — Give new life to your existing brand. Includes reviewing and making recommendations on your current visual brand identity, architecture and positioning, messaging, marketing and communication pieces.

Signature Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan or Campaign – Got a handle on your brand just need a plan or campaign for marketing your signature programs and services, then this is for you.

Signature Brainstorming – Think outside the box and let me help you generate marketing and communications ideas to make your business stand out.

Signature Brand Half Day Workshops for Your Business – Invest in your business by helping leaders and employees of your organization to become signature brand ambassadors. Includes content on branding, understanding and communicating your Signature Brand clearly internally and externally in the marketplace.

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